Annual Report Best Practice : the authors

Carol Mackay and Greg Branson are the authors of the Annual Report Best Practice website. Both are principals of the independent Melbourne design firm Mackay Branson design.

MBd has worked in the annual report arena for over a decade. This site aims to share our knowledge to make the process a more transparent, enjoyable experience for everyone.

There is nothing less rewarding than watching a client struggling with the massive task of producing an annual report.
It is frustrating for the client because their lack of understanding means the whole process becomes a reactive, rather than a proactive role.

It is frustrating for the designers because it is difficult to get the information needed to deliver the right solution and that invariably leads to many authors' corrections and that leads to budget blowouts.

It is frustrating for the key decision-makers because their expectations are rarely met, let alone exceeded.
With more understanding comes knowledge.
More knowledge leads to a more rewarding process for everyone.

That's why we have produced Annual Report Best Practice.

We welcome your feedback.

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We want your feedback

We believe that Annual Reports are a vital communication document.

From the planning, research, writing and design, through to production and distribution, we’re interested in finding ways to improve how we all work.

We think this site is a good start to sharing some solutions. 

If you have any thoughts on improving the Annual Report process we’d love to hear from you