ARTWORK : First page proofs

Expect the most changes in the first round of page proofs. Everything looks different — the text is set in different typeface to the manuscript, graphs/charts have been designed and placed next to the relevant text. Images are treated and placed on the correct pages.  

Sometimes the project manager will do an interim check before these first pages are distributed to the key decision makers. (The approval process has already been decided as part of the briefing process.) The aim is to identify and fix any major issues before circulation to others.

To keep to deadline, it may be necessary to circulate incomplete first page proofs. This may be better than missing the deadline, but it is important to communicate what is missing and why.

Ensure that the people checking the pages are clear about their role, what they are checking, and when their comments are expected. It is advisable for internal staff to check only the material they supplied, otherwise there are likely to be debates that are not appropriate at this stage in the process.

Any replacement images/text/graphs should be gathered and ready for handover. It is beneficial to have another handover meeting at this stage so the more complex changes can be clearly explained, however it should not be necessary to go through changes that are straightforward and clearly marked.

Marking-up page proofs

To avoid confusion when sending page proofs back to the designer it is advisable to use proofreaders marks.

At the end of the internal checking process, the project manager should collate all of the comments onto one clean manuscript using proofreaders marks for clarity.

Download a proofreaders marks pdf.