Case study

ARTWORK - Best practice - case study


Communicates the key message

The Legal Practitioners’ Liability Committee insures Australian legal practitioners. 2008-09 and the global economic upheaval made business difficult for many, but proved the perfect time to communicate LPLC’s strength, stability and vigilance. 

The priorities formed the key message, were used on the cover as a title and repeated throughout the report:
  1. ‘strong’ was used to caption the Report of the Chairman
  2. ‘stable’ captioned the Report of the CEO, and
  3. ‘vigilent’ captioned the Risk Management report.
Makes information accessible

The LPLC report contains complex and important facts and figures that need to be clearly and succinctly communicated. There were two simple design solutions:
  1. figures where there was a trend of behaviour are illustrated as simple, clearly labeled bar charts, all to the same scale so they can easily compared
  2. percentage figures are illustrated as annotated pie charts.
Reflects the organisations’ branding and strategy

LPLC’s brand values are reflected in the design:
  1. transparency is demonstrated by large expanses of white to show openness, clarity
  2. strength is demonstrated by use of a limited palette of strong colours, based on the corporate blue and yellow of their identity used on the cover
  3. stability is demonstrated by the simplicity of design and choice of typeface
  4. vigilance is demonstrated by the extent and complexity of the information offered.