Setting the parameters   

Inhouse discussions should include:
  • who will be the key decision-makers, and who will have the final say on design approval

  • who the target market is, and how they will be represented within the decision-makers

  • what the key criteria is for judging the appropriateness of the design – the aim is to get it from subjective ‘I don’t like red’ views, to objective ‘blue is our corporate colour and should be used’

  • the identification of key milestones where the project team gathers to review progress

  • who is responsible for which part of the report and whether they have any jurisdiction over other areas.

Identify key decision makers early

Ensure design feedback is thoughtful and clear

Separate subjective from objective opinions

Involve key decision-makers in the initial briefing and design presentation meetings.

Design Business Council (dbc) workshops

Preparing a design brief

Evaluating a design presentation

The dbc is a professional development body that helps organisations work with designers. dbc workshops will assist you prepare a brief and then evaluate a presentation.

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