DESIGN : Presentation

Designers should be given the opportunity to present to the key decision-makers and get initial feedback.

The presentation could be run as a meeting — this way everyone involved has the time to consider the design and give initial feedback. It is good practice for the chair of the meeting to refer to the brief when assessing the design – this ensures the judgements are objective rather than subjective. Remember there are no right nor wrong answers in design, but there are inappropriate designs that do not answer the brief.

The aim of this process is a design that is approved on every level before you proceed to artwork. Changing the design once artwork has commenced is time consuming and expensive.

Designers take different approaches to presenting their designs, but the first presentation may include:
  • cover design(s)
    this could include 3 completely different concepts (for example; an apple, an orange and a pear), or one strong concept shown within 3 different designs (for example the concept of an apple but it is shown complete, peeled and cut into segments).
  • text design(s)
    there could be as few as 4 pages presented or many more, depending on the difficulty of demonstrating how different aspects of the report will be treated.
Examples of possible text designs include:
  • how the cover theme continues throughout the text pages
  • what the inside cover spread includes
  • how tables, charts and graphs (bar and line graphs) will be treated
  • treatment of photography: especially if there are case studies, or shots of board members, directors etc.
  • how the financials pages will be formatted.
The timeline for the design process varies but it is worth remembering that extra time spent on the research / design section can make a good foundation for the rest of the project.

It looks like this...

When you want an interesting fold or shape for your annual reports it’s a good idea to get a mock-up made.
It is our practice to prepare a mock-up that shows the shape, folds and stock for your Annual Report.

Design Business Council (dbc) workshops

Preparing a design brief

Evaluating a design presentation

The dbc is a professional development body that helps organisations work with designers. dbc workshops will assist you prepare a brief and then evaluate a presentation.

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