Case study

DESIGN - Best practice - case study


Communicates the key message

Three Australian ombudsman services merged to become one scheme for the financial services industry. This annual review reported on the first year of operation. The key message was ‘One FOS’.

The design demonstrated the key message by:
  1. the title: One organisation, many specialities
  2. developing a graphic ‘product wheel’ showing the scheme’s jurisdiction.
Makes information accessible

Colour coding was the key to making all of this information easy to access:
  1. the inside spread communicates the big picture fast – it includes FOS’s vision and mission, an outline on the aim of the review, the role of the new scheme, the product wheel and a page detailing the 2008-09 highlights. This is a real ‘reception read’ – users can scan this page and understand the gist of the organisation
  2. an extensive contents page speaks in plain English – there are no clever headings, just wording that make the content clear
  3. the colour-coding of the product graphic is used through the body of the report where the number, and types of disputes, are documented.
Reflects the organisations’ branding and strategy

Reinforcing the brand of a new organisation is imperative. This design successfully reinforces the new brand by sheer simplicity.
  1. the logo is revealed by use of a die cut on the cover
  2. the corporate colours are used as part of a limited palette
  3. the graphics vocabulary of circles and triangles is taken directly from the logo

Three organisations were merged to ensure their sustainability. The report is printed on paper certified by the FSC – a world-wide organisation set up to identify well-managed forests and controlled sources.