Confirm any expectations, if any, you have about paper choice.

Ask for a sample of the stock (called a ‘dummy’) before proceeding to print. This can be weighed to ensure it is within Australia Post regulations and your postal budget (see Delivery).

Ask to see samples of similar projects printed on the designer’s preferred stock.

Say early if you would like to be involved at the press approval so a suitable time can be scheduled.

Note that printers are often working 2 shifts so a press approval could be scheduled anytime between 6am and 11pm - early notification may mean a more accessible time.

Ensure that you have discussed your expectations with your designer so you both understand the type of result you want to achieve.

More than ink on paper

Getting crisp clear print is an art and a science. MBd works with Bambra Press who have had decades of experience in quality print; working alongside designers to get the job right.

We regularly conduct plant tours to explain the why and what of printing.

Contact Greg Branson for a plant tour of Bambra Press.