WRITING : Editor

Editors could be used in conjunction with a writer, or to clean up material generated inhouse by a variety of people.

Editors do not usually introduce new text, instead they work with supplied material aiming to improve it. Imagine the text as furniture in a house, and the report as the house. The editor unpacks the house, and puts all the furniture on the front lawn to assess what is valuable and what needs to be replaced. They then repack the house, rearranging the furniture to try to make the house easier to live in and to meet the client’s requirements (the brief).

An editor can help:
  • correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and word choice
  • check facts and references
  • ensure that the structure of the Annual Report works.
The editor’s fee could be negotiated as an hourly or project rate.

Getting started

If the Annual Report has been written inhouse it is a good idea to check the copy before supplying it to an editor.

There are a number of common errors made when writing.

These can be avoided by putting together an internal brief for the writers.

Download a guide to common punctuation errors.

Mastering copyediting

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