WRITING : Writer

The key to a good Annual Report is effective communication. Most people don't want to read spin, they want to read a balanced report that doesn't gloss over the tricky bits.

Copy can be generated inhouse or externally by a writer specifically commissioned to produce new copy.

They may do this by:
  • collecting existing material
  • researching new material, and
  • conducting interviews with key personnel.
A writer can take complete responsibility for preparing all of the copy. In that case, the project manager’s role is to help negotiate with internal departments and ensure deadlines for the supply of information to the writer are met.

Sometimes all the copy is available, but written by different people and lacking consistency. In this case, a writer would assess the copy and re-write all or some of it to improve the flow.

Writers also take responsibility to seek permission(s) to use copyright material. This needs to be done early because if permission is denied at a late stage, it can be costly.

The writer’s fee could be negotiated as an hourly or project rate. It may be between a 3 and 6 month project.

Briefing a writer

Writers will require a verbal and a written brief.

Amongst other things a briefing document should explain who the work is for (the target audience), what its objectives are (why is it being written) and what style guidelines and language will be used.

Download a sample writing brief.

Building your writing skills

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