Case study

WRITING - Best practice - case study

Communicates the key message

Three Victorian ambulance services merged to become one statewide service. This annual review reported on the first year of operation. The key message was one of unity, the design did this by:
  1. the title: One state, one service
  2. active headings describing the service’s strengths: an effective service, a flexible service, an innovative service, an accessible service and a well managed service .
Makes information accessible

At 128 pages, this is a dense report. Four design solutions make this report easier for a reader to scan and digest the information quickly:
  1. a comprehensive contents page that aids navigation
  2. double page photographs introducing each section and breaking the report into management chunks of information
  3. photographs that are not just used as page decoration but to introduce and emphasise a quick fact that may have otherwise been buried in the text
  4. maps, graphs and tables are used to make information more user-friendly.
Reflects the organisations’ branding and strategy

Reinforcing the brand of a new organisation is imperative. This design successfully reinforces the new brand by :
  1. the title. ‘One state, one service’, reinforces Ambulance Victoria’s strategy of unity
  2. ensuring that all imagery was not city-centric and included rural vision
  3. using a map to reinforce the extended market for the service

Three organisations were merged to ensure their sustainability, this is detailed in the corporate governance section of the report: ‘A well managed service’.
The report is printed on stock manufactured using wind-generated power.