Case study

SUBMISSIONS - Best practice - case study


Communicates the key message

The Supreme Court of Victoria wanted to communicate that they were an active, vital organisation. The design did this by:
  1. using a landscape A4 format so the court could embrace electronic delivery of the reports. (Landscape works well for display on computer monitors.)
  2. including many images so readers could experience ‘behind the scenes’.
Makes information accessible

This is a text-heavy report. The design lightened the load by:
  1. including full page images to introduce sections and help separate the report into manageable chunks of information
  2. utilising A and B heads at the top of each page as ‘breadcrumbs’. Some of the reports are quite long – this way readers couldn’t lose their way within the body of the report
  3. using bar graphs to illustrate facts and figures where possible
  4. including tables where text needed structure to aid communication.
Reflects the organisations’ branding and strategy

The tradition and grandeur of the Supreme Court of Victoria is captured by the beautiful imagery and the rich red used in the graphics.