SUBMISSIONS : Capability

A typical submission could include:

A capability statement

The capability statement may range from a brief resume through to a previously printed brochure. There is no correct format, but the content should instill confidence that the designer is able to deliver the expected results.

A response to your key message

It is important the submission acknowledges, and responds to, any key criteria that you have included.

An estimate

Each designer will estimate in a slightly different way, but expect more than a total figure. There should be some breakdown of costs.
It is not your responsibility to ensure that a designer has quoted accurately, however it is your responsibility to compare like with like and to understand where and why there are differences in costs.

Assessing the submissions

The aim is to identify the design studio with whom you would feel most comfortable working. A good working relationship will usually bridge any difficulties that may arise during a project.

The cost is not the only method of differentiating between suppliers. It may be that the supplier with the lesser cost does not have the experience to understand all of the intricacies of the project.

Remember that designers only have their time to sell, so don’t be dismayed if the estimate is very detailed and looks as though petty items are covered – the more detailed, the fewer surprises you can expect.

We want your feedback

We believe that Annual Reports are a vital communication document.

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We think this site is a good start to sharing some solutions. 

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