SUBMISSIONS : Production estimates

Not all designers manage print, but if they do, the costs may be identified within a production estimate.

Pre press and printing

The specifications of the project should be stated alongside the cost so there are no misunderstandings about quantities, number of pages or type of paper stock. It is not uncommon for each of these figures to change once the artwork is done, so documenting a starting point is always beneficial.

Print management

A print management fee covers the designer for carrying the cost of the printing (deposit and withdrawal bank fees and taxes), and the administration of payment to the printer, sometimes before receiving payment from the client.

Some designers will specify a percentage mark-up separately from the print cost while others may include it as part of print.

A quick tip

Print quantities often vary from when the specifications are written and when the Report is printed.

When preparing your specs also ask for 'run on' costs.

If you're printing a few thousand ask for a costing on '100 run ons'.

If you're printing tens of thousands ask for '1,000 run ons'.

Design Business Council (dbc) workshops

Preparing a design brief

Evaluating a design presentation

The dbc is a professional development body that helps organisations work with designers. dbc workshops will assist you prepare a brief and then evaluate a presentation.

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