Managing a project successfully depends not only on the manager having a thorough understanding of who is meant to be doing what and when, but on each supplier understanding their role in the chain.

Three ways to do this:
  1. write and discuss a detailed schedule with the key stakeholders at the beginning of the project. This means that you can identify any holidays/conferences/commitments that may cause delays
  2. write a roles/responsibilities report for each of the stakeholders. This may be a short email, or a personalised copy of the schedule – either way it should be in writing, and it should itemise tasks and deadlines
  3. think ahead: identify where you think the delays may come from and have a strategy in place to avoid them.  

Getting the timing right

It’s all about juggling the competing demands of a complicated production process.
It is critical to Identify the stages in an annual report production and get the deliverables sorted out.

Download an annual report timeline sheet

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