Case study

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Best practice - case study


Communicates the key message

There is one key message for 2008-2009; a 52% increase in cases and the effect that had on the scheme. This is clearly stated on the first page of the report – the highlights page:
    Makes information accessible

    The EWOV annual report is always packed with information – clear navigation is the key to ensuring all the information is accessible. The design includes:
    1. succinct contents listing
    2. large ‘A’ heads and introductory paras at the top of each page – quick to identify as a reader flicks through the report
    3. colour-coded ‘chapters’ that separate the report into industry sections
    4. colour-coded graphics that explain key facts and figures at a glance.
    Reflects the organisations’ branding and strategy

    EWOV’s three corporate colours are used extensively throughout the report — within the text, the tables and to colour code the graphics.

    Presents a business snapshot

    EWOV’s annual report is a stand-alone document that clearly states:
    1. who they are and what they do
    2. their mission and guiding principles
    3. an operational overview of the business at 30 June 2008, and
    4. future strategies.