Case study

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Best practice - case study


Communicates the key message

Research has shown that readers take away three key points after reading an annual review. The 2008-09 review successfully communicates SKM:
  1. is positioned as a leader in global corporate citizenship
  2. is helping clients work through issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability
  3. has scale and leverage in a global market.
Makes information accessible

This design makes information easily accessible. It doesn’t expect the user to read the whole report to get the gist of the company, however those wanting more can drill down to get more detail or read more in the online report. Specifically:
  1. the inside front cover details facts visually displayed as a 'dash board'
  2. the first few dbl page spreads details who we are, what we do and key achievements
  3. the content is presented in sections that detail how SKM works sustainably, as a team, in the community and with their clients.
Reflects the organisation's branding and strategy

SKM’s founders are both retired, but the firm’s brand is still based on their cultures and values. Reporting is within the context of where they came from, and what they aspire to be.


SKM's common purpose is to deliver a positive and enduring impact on the world.

The design demonstrates how SKM is walking the talk by:
  1. using a carbon-neutral paper stock
  2. printing fewer, more succinct reviews with more detail in an online report
  3. showcasing major projects that make a difference
  4. reporting on social, economic and fiscal aspects.