Case study

STRATEGY - Best practice - case study


The client

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) is a free and independent alternative dispute resolution scheme for small business and residential consumers in Australia with unresolved complaints about their telephone or internet services.

The objective:

1997 was the first year MBd produced a report on behalf of the TIO. Every year since then the number of complaints about landlines, mobiles and internet services increases and the stories behind the complaints get more complicated. The objective of the annual report is to document the trend and detail of these complaints.

The solution:

In the 2010 report we introduced a 'dashboard' showing contacts made with TIO – one spread that detailed the number and trend of calls, where they came from and what they were about.

The dashboard is on the inside cover, opposite the highlights of the year. These three pages communicate the year at a glance. In the first few pages of the report, a reader can understand the year's activities and trends.