Using design and photography strategically.

Design and photography can be just page decoration but if you use them strategically it adds volumes to your words.

Showing will always work better than telling – and that's where images work better than just words.

Design and photography can be used to communicate your strategy by:
  • packaging your report well.
Use the cover to create interest and set the tone of your report. This becomes even more critical when it’s the only use of colour within the report. If you are using a cover image, choose one that starts the story you want the report to tell.
  • emphasising key points.
Don’t assume that the readers can identify the important parts of your report – show them what’s important by using
o    pull quotes,
o    extensive captions alongside images,
o    active, descriptive headlines, and
o    information boxes where key points can be summarised.
  • choose photographs that tell a story, and remember sometimes the background is just as important as the subject
One example is a portrait of someone in their work environment. Taking a wider shot of the person which shows more of the background may add heaps of information about how they work, where they work and who they work with.

Plan ahead

The Annual Report 'season' is a busy time for most printers and especially the book binders.

As a part of your deliverables it is advisable to discuss the scheduling at an early stage and book in your report for production.

Download a sample timeline for Annual Report production.

Design Business Council (dbc) workshops

Preparing a design brief

Evaluating a design presentation

The dbc is a professional development body that helps organisations work with designers. dbc workshops will assist you prepare a brief and then evaluate a presentation.

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