STRATEGY : Why produce an Annual Report?

In the majority of cases organisations produce a report for three main reasons:
Many areas of society, like government departments, listed companies and even some private companies, associations and not-for-profit entities, have to publish an Annual Report to comply with their rules of operation. This is part of acting in an open and transparent method and being accountable to others.
Archival purposes.
Drawing a line in the sand once a year and documenting what you’ve done, how well (or not) you’ve done it and what you are planning for the next year ensures that your activities are documented for posterity.
Marketing doesn’t have to mean ‘spin’. An annual document is a valuable tool to communicate your key message. Writing an Annual Report forces contributors to be succinct and write to a deadline. The final publication/website is a valuable marketing tool that can be included in submissions, used for orientation of new staff and as a lobbying document.

Know the language

The lingo used in printing can be confusing. One way to avoid potential misunderstandings is to give designers accurate specifications using language they, and their printer understand.

We’ve prepared a glossary to de-mystify the print language.

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Design Business Council (dbc) workshops

Preparing a design brief

Evaluating a design presentation

The dbc is a professional development body that helps organisations work with designers. dbc workshops will assist you prepare a brief and then evaluate a presentation.

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