Case study

BRIEF - Best practice - case study

Communicates the key message

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman scheme is a complaint handling service for consumers and small businesses unable to resolve a complaint with their service provider. In 2008-09 the TIO had a 54% increase in complaints. The key message of the annual report was to show how the TIO handled the influx of complaints (within a TBL approach) and what they were doing to stem the tide.

The design demonstrated the key message by:
  1. using images of TIO’s staff and complainants as a reminder that the scheme deals with people and not just numbers.
  2. communicating the big picture first – introducing an ‘At a Glance’ section that included highlights, a spreadsheet of goals and strategies and a spread of graphics illustrating the facts and figures.
Makes information accessible

Breaking down information into bite-sized, easily digested chunks is one sure way to make it more accessible. In this report:
  1. colour coding the contents list helped group ‘like’ information and show the story in a logical sequence
  2. flow charts were used wherever there was a logical sequence of information, for instance the pathway of complaints coming into the TIO
  3. annotated bar graphs were used wherever facts and figures would benefit by showing the historical trend.
  4. tables were used to contain large swathes of text that needed structure to aid communication.
Reflects the organisations’ branding and strategy

The essence of the TIO brand is their staff and the relationship between staff and the complainants. The report reflected that in the photographs and case studies.