Producing a corporate report

Why the site?

The aim of this site is to make the production of an annual report an enjoyable experience.

In a good publishing team, each person is a vital link, none more important than another. The project manager’s role is to respect each person’s input and build a strong chain where each team member supports the next, with the right amount of detail, in the right amount of time.

Sometimes it’s not easy. Things go wrong. People get sick, people change their mind, and deadlines slip.

The best methodology is to understand each step in the process thoroughly. This will make it easier to identify where potential conflict may occur and take action early to avoid it escalating.

The site is produced by Carol Mackay and Greg Branson of Mackay Branson design.

We have produced several hundred annual reports over the past decade.

Our mantra is; on brief, on time, on budget.

About the authors

We welcome your feedback.  

We want your feedback

We believe that Annual Reports are a vital communication document.

From the planning, research, writing and design, through to production and distribution, we’re interested in finding ways to improve how we all work.

We think this site is a good start to sharing some solutions. 

If you have any thoughts on improving the Annual Report process we’d love to hear from you