The task of producing an Annual Report is easier and less stressful when working with us.

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We will guide you through the process from briefing to production and on-time delivery.

Our first step will be to create a theme that focuses on achievements, milestones and future objectives balanced with compelling design elements to bring your annual report to life and help you tell a great story.

Stuart Pettigrew is a Melbourne based brand strategy and graphic design studio. We have over three decades of experience designing annual and sustainability reports for ASX listed companies, government agencies and not-for-profits.

We have created this website to share our thoughts with you on how to successfully plan, design and produce a business report, ensuring it brings your corporate performance and vision to life. If you would like to review how working with us can reduce the challenges you experience when designing business reports, we would love to discuss this with you.

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01. The Brief

 A successful brief is a comprehensive yet succinct document which outlines the theme for your report, the aims, objectives and milestones.

02. Strategy

Publishing an Annual Report can be a difficult journey, but having a strong core strategy is one way to keep all the information to message, and that introduces a discipline to all aspects of the report. 

03. Digital

Digital annual reports are becoming the industry norm. There are many ways to showcase your report – from indexed PDFs to comprehensive annual report microsites.

04. Submissons

Design submissions come in all shapes and sizes – this section outlines what we include in our submissions, commencing with a detailed scope of works.

05. Budgets

Setting a budget involves a thorough understanding of the project, so each activity can be analysed and budgeted separately.

06. Project Management

Managing a project successfully depends on the project manager having clear objectives and ensuring that each supplier understands their role and responsibility

07.  Design

Design is the most subjective part of the production – where one decision-maker may see genius in a design another may just see trash – so it is really important that expectations are clear before the design process begins.

08. Writing

Storytelling is key to the successful design of any report. It needs to take your audience on your corporate journey with you – however bumpy or smooth, direct or scenic, fast or slow that might be.

09. Illustration

Illustration has the ability to solve problems and communicate powerful messages to your audience – don’t underestimate the power of using illustration in your Annual Report.

10. Photography

Images are the postcards that tell your story. Good use of high-quality, creative photography will engage your audience, and showcase your achievements and the people who helped make them happen.

11. Production

There are three areas that need careful management in the production of a printed annual report: Paper, pre-press and printing. The size of the report, both physical dimensions and weight, has huge implications for the cost of delivery. 

12. Benchmarking

The Australasian Reporting Awards are not a competition but an opportunity for organisations to benchmark their reports against world best practice and their peers.

13. Fact Sheets

Download all fact sheets from this website.